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I know these situations well: When you don’t have the time to look at the big picture in the company, or to question working methods, weak points and goals, neither to recognize potential and to develop and implement new strategies for marketing and internal optimization.

Perfect customer orientation is always your top priority. You are aware that the people in your company are the key to success! Changing processes can only be implemented sustainably if you and your team are on the same page.

I will support you and your team in an effective individual and team effort to work on the issues for which you do not have the time. We will define goals and find effective ways to achieve them. For this I use methods from my many years of experience as a hotel manager and from my work as an ACC certified business coach (ICF).


I offer various programs, and also create individual offers on request.


A breath of fresh air for your company: within six months to a new, sustainable future-oriented corporate strategy.

Hotel Pre-Opening & Start-Up

Successful right from the start with the right positioning and structure.

Hotel Sales & Marketing

Find and retain the right customers with an optimal sales & marketing strategy

»Create success for your company, your team and yourself in the future and make it visible to everyone!«

»During her assignment with us, Katja Fritz made a significant contribution to breaking down outdated structures together with the team and providing decisive new inspiration for the further development of the company.«

Private Hotel, Spain

»Katja Fritz was very sensitive to my issues. With her external view of my project and with her marketing expertise she gave me very helpful impulses which decisively supported the development process.«

Anette P., Education & Pedagogy at the Federal Level

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