Finding and Retaining the Right Customers with Profitable Sales & Marketing Strategies.

Sales & Marketing

I am your trusted expert and consultant in sales and marketing planning within the service sector!

We will develop a profitable business development strategy to find and retain the right customers – the key to your company’s long-term success.

Your success story begins with the right strategy, and I’m here to assist you. Contact me for a complimentary orientation conversation to discuss your unique needs and objectives.

An Overview of My Consultation Services:


Market Analysis

My expertise includes in-depth market analysis to identify opportunities and challenges within your market environment.


Goals & Target Audience

Together, we formulate clear and measurable objectives, define meaningful target audiences, and clarify your customers’ requirements.


Strategy Development

I support you in developing a clear and actionable strategy that your team can actively adopt and implement.


Effective Outreach

We plan effective sales and marketing strategies to specifically target and attract potential customers.



I am available to accompany you in implementing the developed strategy, leveraging my experience as a leader and consultant.

»Find and retain the right customers with an optimal sales & marketing strategy.«

»During her assignment with us, Katja Fritz made a significant contribution to breaking down outdated structures together with the team and providing decisive new inspiration for the further development of the company.«

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»Katja Fritz was very sensitive to my issues. With her external view of my project and with her marketing expertise she gave me very helpful impulses which decisively supported the development process.«

Anette P., Education & Pedagogy at the Federal Level

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Katja Fritz, Tel: +49 171 651 9558, E-Mail: development@katja-fritz.com

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